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Flagship Referral Program

Flagship Homes will pay $1,000 for each qualified referral. All terms and conditions must be met separately for each individual referral.

Terms and Conditions

Notice of Referral

‍In order for a referral to be valid under the Program, the buyer must present a Referral Card, including the name and contact info of the person who gave the referral, to the Flagship Homes sales agent at the time the buyer signs and delivers the initial real estate purchase contract. Agents are under no obligation to mention or explain the Program to buyers. If a Referral Card is not presented at the time the initial contract is signed and delivered, no referral fee will be paid. Referral Cards presented after the initial contract is signed and delivered are invalid.

No Buyer’s Agent

‍In order for a referral to be valid under the Program, the buyer must not be represented by a real estate agent. In other words, Flagship may pay either a buyer’s agent commission or a referral fee, but not both. If a buyer’s agent will be receiving a commission on the sale, no referral fee will be paid under this Program, even if all other Program conditions were fulfilled.

Referral Fee Conditional Upon Closing

‍The mere signing of a purchase contract does not obligate Flagship Homes to pay a referral fee. The referral fee is not earned unless and until the buyer has actually closed the purchase of the home.

Payment Timing

‍If all eligibility terms and conditions have been met, the person who made the referral will receive a check within a reasonable time after the Buyer’s closing date.

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